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Our purpose

We turned our passion into purpose. A passion is for yourself. Purpose is helping others with that passion. Our passion is marketing and video. Our purpose is to be the tailwind on your adventure to grow to the next level. With strategy, visual content and data. We advice, execute and create tools and templates to get you there.


We combine our professional passion with our personal passion: travel. It does not matter if you are from the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Indonesia or Kyrgyzstan. We love to work with ambitious and sustainable companies that have authentic people with a sense of humor.

OUR SIMPLIFIED VISION: create fireworks!

Market and audience


Do you have a deep understanding
of your market and audience?



Create fireworks in the interaction.
That's where the magic happens.

Your brand

Your brand

Do you really understand your story,
solutions and value?



We want to feel like we are on an adventure. Discovering new things, feeling inspired and alive. That applies to personal and business time.


We approach relationships as friendships. Friends exchange positive energy. We want as much as possible of that.


We want to do things that are relevant. If it is relevant, it caries value. We continuously ask ourselves what the most relevant next step is. Companies should too.

our framework


Our framework helps you to understand your marketing from a strategic perspective. It contains all the ingredients you need to do great marketing. It is easy, structured and pragmatic.

Only for customers

We use our framework in interactive sessions with customers. We did not place it on our Tools page. Send us a message if you are curious how we use it!

What Our Customers Say