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Marketing fundament in no time

With our ‘Marketing in Focus’ sessions, you’ll quickly get your marketing house in order. It ensures that you make logical and well-founded choices for your marketing, based on your business objectives. We make topics concrete that were not yet concrete (enough). In a fun and interactive way!

What can you expect?

We prepare the sessions, and ask you for some specific input about your business strategy and the industry you are operating in.

We prepare the sessions, and ask you for some specific input. In a few interactive sessions (amount depends on the need), we work on the relevant marketing ingredients from our framework. We discuss, make decisions, and set direction.

We provide the results with clear next steps in a straightforward document. The foundation is here! It’s an important step for your marketing.

Based on the plan of action, we can start making progress with your marketing. We work in sprints to make sure that we remain agile, especially in this start-up phase.


Strategy, content and data
You always need strategy, content and data analytics. It doesn’t matter how mature your marketing is. However, it does influence the scope, and depth of your strategy, content and data analytics. We build a framework to help you out.
Only what you need
We offer what we think will realistically help you. It depends on your ambitions and feasibility. We’re not selling you a massive campaign, if your funnel is not ready to catch the leads. It is good to have ambitions, but realistic plans prevent disappointments. So let’s talk about that.


We need to talk about value and customers

We are convinced that companies need to be challenged regarding the way they position themselves in the market, and the messages they deliver. The core of marketing is not about creating websites, videos and posting on social media. Marketing has to seamlessly connect the value that you offer as a company with the people/market that have a need for this value. Ask yourself ‘why’ at every piece of content you create.

Don't do everything at once

It can be a bit much. You need to have a strategy, good content, and also make things measurable. In addition, you must have a website, use social media, advertise… ooh! And don’t forget e-mail. Do I have to do all this!? And at the same time?! No, luckily not! We start by creating an overview using our Framework. After that, we take it step by step. Whether you would like to tackle one part of your marketing or the entire marketing: let us guide you through the chaos. We advise and execute.

Useful Marketing tools

Understand your audience

Understand Your Audience

Reach your target audience by knowing them well.

Content calendar

Content Calender

Go for creating strategic, consistent and frequent content.

Measurement plan

Measurement Plan

Make your business goals and strategy measurable.

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